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You are unique and need a coaching program tailored to your needs.

My current coaching programs include:


Write Your Story Coaching:

Being a writer & coach, I love supporting my clients with their stories. I offer initial 2-hour What’s Your Story Sessions for clarity on your message and to support you in communicating it to the world. This is not only for writers, but perfect for the person who wants to make sense of what they are creating next in their own personal transitions, by mining their life experiences.

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Mama Bliss Coaching:

Join me for a cup of tea while we dive deeply into the creative mama’s soul. We will get clear on how you can have both: motherhood and your creative dreams by examining your self-care practices, creativity, values, and exploring ways to find simplicity. Perfect for the creative mama who wants to find breathing room to birth a big creative project (maybe a book? a documentary? or just a new business). Mama Bliss Coaching sessions are a monthly package with 4 1-hour coaching calls during your month of bliss.

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3-6 month Transformational Journey:

For the woman who is in the midst of transition: maybe you are a new mom re-evaluating career options or a mom who wants to re-enter the workplace on your terms. Maybe you are looking to take the leap from a traditional career and start your own entrepreneurial journey. Maybe you have a big move or transition, and need support to hold you to your vision during the winds of change. During these waves, I’m here to support you holding your vision sacred.

Let’s design the coaching package which fits your needs: weekly sessions, bi-weekly sessions, or monthly sessions during your transitional period. I’m here to support you in writing that next chapter of your life.

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Solo self-care facilitation retreat:

For the creative woman who knows what she wants, and how to get it. This is your actual room of your own. Are you looking to create your own journey towards healing? Come and retreat with me here in Ojai. Stay wherever your heart chooses, and allow me to be your tour guide and concierge to healing. We will spend the morning/day/weekend together and make creative magic happen. Let’s finish your creative work so you can go home feeling rested, complete, and on-fire.

*Because of my schedule, solo-self care facilitation retreats may require a few months of booking. Please inquire about my schedule when you plan your healing retreat.

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What my coaching clients have to say…

ruth“Working with Ellen was really rewarding. As a creative entrepreneur, educator and singer/songwriter, I needed help sorting out and prioritizing my creative projects. Ellen helped me look at each one, like we were putting wet clothes on a clothesline and hanging them out to dry. I went from feeling overwhelmed to clear and focused with what was in front of me. I had a 2-hour session with Ellen before traveling to Florida for an online business conference. She helped me find my story behind my songs so I could communicate my business plan to an audience. We had such great synergy together, and we generated the name: Songs to Change Your Tune (my CD and DVD) during our session. I highly recommend working with Ellen. She is easy to talk to and is a great listener. I’m grateful for her help and encouragement.”Ruth Wishengrad, Santa Barbara, CA –

“I had concerns about needing a certain kind of coaching style. It was important to me that our time together would be more than an indulgence of my emotional self. I was looking for a coach that had the capacity to hold and honor my intense emotions as the sacred messengers they are and then immediately help me to translate the juicy messages into action steps and goals for my life as it is now. Elle has a great balance of technique, heart, creativity and compassion that is just right in getting me back into meaningful action every time! Thank-you, Elle.”-Connie Fueyo