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Coaching Resources

FREE Mama Bliss Coaching Resources from Mama Bliss Coaching School:


Be sure to check out the post What is a Mama Bliss Coach?

And Bliss Beyond Naptime’s blog tour about what Mama Bliss means to other mamas.

Interested in learning more about Mama Bliss Coaching School?

Class will be in session soon! Below is a recent call I did with Kathy Stowell the founder and creator of Mama Bliss Coaching school. Listen to her own journey about creating Mama Bliss Coaching School, finding our callings, making room for creative play, and common characteristics of a Mama Bliss coach:

Resources to Find Your Voice and Tell Your Story:

a picture with Suzanne in 2013 before both of our respective journeys

A recent podcast with Suzanne Hanna, creator of The Wilderness Walk on  Finding Your Voice.

Learn what Finding Your Voice means, choices we make when we lose or claim our voices, and tap into ways of accessing our voices again.

Click to Listen



A teleclass with Rosa Conti, on Finding Your Voice, Writing Your Story.

Learn about the art of personal essay and storytelling, and ways to cultivate your own voice and writing practice, and explore where we might feel stuck.

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Speech therapy resources

How Do I have my child evaluated for speech therapy? Can I work with you?

I currently offer 15 minute consultations by phone/email to guide you in the best direction. For clients in the Ojai Valley, I offer 15 minute consultations in person. Preschool speech and language screenings are also available in select areas. Contact me if you are interested.

If your child is under 3 years old, an evaluation may be available to you at no cost through an Early Intervention program in your state.

Tri-Counties Regional Center (Ventura, Santa Barbara & San Luis Obispo) information: Click here

New Jersey: Click here

What are your favorite speech resources?

As a Hanen-trained speech-language pathologist, I love the quality of learning materials for parents from the Hanen center:

I currently offer parent-training classes in conjunction with a local team of Hanen-certified speech language pathologists:


Resources for New Moms

Becoming a new mother is one of the biggest life transitions. It’s one of those things you can never adequately “plan” for until you are thrown into the mix of life.

My New motherhood story:
In pictures and words… Note: I didn’t do it as well the first time around. My son’s birth story is lost in this post: Choosing Imperfection: (How Not to Carve a Pumpkin) which was way too wordy and about 7 posts in one.  A lesson and perk for parenting a second child: you can make up for the mistakes of the first go-around.

Nan Tolbert Nurturing Center:

New Mama Welcome Pack:

What advice do you have for new moms? 

10 Ways to Rock New Motherhood without Losing yourself, (along with a slew of advice from other mamas on the blog hop)

Be really gentle. Be kind to yourself. Know you are doing okay, even on the bad days. We only need to get it right 30% of the time, and that is enough. YOU are the perfect parent for your child. We are all incredibly imperfect at parenting. Our parents were right – it does take a village. Choose your village wisely. Love conquers all. The days are long but the years are short.

What are your favorite blogs/books/resources for moms:

I give a copy of Anne Lamott’s Operating Instructions: A Journal of My Son’s First Year to every friend who is expecting her first son. This is my all-time favorite.

I’ve been a devoted reader of Momastery since Glennon’s infamous Don’t Carpe Diem post, giving me permission to wish some days away. Her book Carry On Warrior is also a must read for any mother.

Another favorite blogger Kelly Rae Roberts, had her son within weeks of my own journey into motherhood. I loved having a blogging creative mama giving a voice to so many of my similar feelings too.

I love how Christina Rosalie paints motherhood and the creative life on her blog and book A Field Guide to Now

The website Scary Mommy has been making me laugh out loud, and lose my bladder too many times to count.

*Check back here often, as I’ll be posting new resources as I find them. Please drop me a line if there are resources you are specifically looking for in the areas of speech therapy, coaching, and motherhood.