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My Thoughts and Fears about Work and New Motherhood (the 2nd Time Around)

May 23, 2014

My journals are my breadcrumbs to the future. I love reading them on the days where I wonder: what led me here?Am I truly on the right path? I found this today, along with an endorsement I made for the program, The Art of Becoming a Coach which I enrolled in this time last year. I provided a testimonial months ago, and so much has changed with my own business in recent months.


These were MY thoughts and fears last year, when I really sat with the decision of whether or not I could stay at my job working full time as a speech-language pathologist with young children, or whether it was time to take the leap and create work on my own terms, having more space to spend this precious time with my own children.

5/23/13 (with a 2.5 year old and newborn)

I shouldn’t go back full-time. I can make it work part-time, but full time is too much. They are small. It is okay to live smaller and be in this connected place with my little family right now. I’m allowing myself this time of no commitments.

I believe in embracing change.

I believe we find ourselves on the journey.

I believe in embracing the unknown.

I believe in expressing tremendous gratitude.

I believe in living wholeheartedly.

I believe in listening to inner wisdom.

I believe in recognizing this season of life.

I believe in slowing down.

I believe in dwelling in possibility.

I believe in taking the road less traveled.

I believe in honoring my choices and journey.

I believe in connecting through stories.

What would YOU have me do?

Coach, write, and teach. Own it. Own your power of asking powerful questions. You can create it. You are entrepreneurial and you can own it. It’s okay.

I want to coach. I’m going to coach. I need to write. It is as essential to me as breathing. I need to be building connections and communities and places for moms to come together and share their stories. We need to share our stories.

Fast forward to the present. Last week I wrote about my experience leading up to my Mama Bliss Mini-Retreat and the feelings which were coming up around it:

I love and honor this community and tribe of creative mothers where we hold each other up set the space for new possibilities. Mothering, home-caring, soul tending, morning routines, and bliss within the places of motherhood.

I’m stepping back now to see the possibilities of what a year can bring as my intentions take form, and feeling like I might be exactly where I need to be in the present moment, just a few more steps taken on the journey…






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