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Welcome! Here are some of my past writing circles. Events are currently being added to my calendar, so be sure to check back regularly. I believe magic happens in community where synchronicity and soul connections bloom. I can’t wait to connect with you~


Writing Motherhood: The Mother I Thought I’d Be

Do you want to connect with other moms who long for some creative breathing room? Spend 3 precious hours retreating with other mothers to rediscover your creativity, your writer’s voice, and yourself. Come make sense of your journey through guided writing prompts intended to have you go deeper and create meaning and connection.



Writing Motherhood: Becoming a Mother


There is no shortage of birth stories with each arrival of a child being distinctly different like our individual thumbprints. Come give yourself the space to write the story your heart has been holding and make sense of that passage into motherhood.

Bring a notebook, a pen, and your heart. Find community with other like-minded souls who know they hold a powerful story inside and are seeking inspiration to get it out of their heads and onto paper.



Writing Motherhood: Growing Up


Hindsight is 20-20, as is parenthood. Sometimes it takes being removed from a stage of childhood/parenthood to make sense of where we were before. For this retreat, moms are encouraged to bring pictures of the past. If you can’t choose just one, that’s okay. We will be re-living those moments again through your writing perspectacles and making sense of the stories which have been swept away in the corners of our hearts.


What the Mamas are saying…

“Equal parts women’s circle and creative catalyst, this Writing Motherhood retreat offered a framework for self inquiry, story telling and expression onto paper.  The experience was an invitation into gentle investigation of our personal history and the telling of the stories lurking in our dusty corners, which it seems, needed excavation and sunlight to suddenly emerge bright and compelling.  It was a powerful experience for me and I have great respect for Ellen as facilitator-muse and writing-coach.”

“This Writing Retreat holds the energy of authentic sharing among women. Wisdom, kindness, and tenderness through gentle leadership.”

“I loved circling with other women, using our voices, and hearing my story upon my sister’s lips. Connecting with my heart and the hearts of others through gentle creative prompting.”

“The other women and their stories so inspired me to find my own!”

What was your favorite part of the retreat?

“The feeling of carving out time to dedicate to me as a person, not just as a mother. I appreciated the intimate atmosphere and sharing of the other moms. I liked the opportunity to journal. All of the small touches like tea, snacks, etc. also made it feel special.”

“I loved the blend of different approaches…guided mediation, journal prompts, discussions and even the off the topic conversation. I think all of it together made it work well. I am one to want to talk a lot and discuss and I appreciated the moment to breathe and look within or sit and journal.”

“It is very hard to narrow down to one favorite thing about it….probably connecting with other moms. I really enjoyed the guided meditation, writing exercises, and sharing our writing. I think maybe the sequence of the activities was my favorite.”

What was your biggest takeaway from the retreat?

“It allowed me time to prioritize some thoughts instead of them just staying in my head. I was able to write them down which was very helpful. Seeing it on paper and more organized helps with the next step.”

“I took away some peace from the retreat. It was centering. Although it was too short, sharing that time with other mamas was very valuable to me. I could probably sit in a room and talk with other moms for an entire day. I find the wisdom of other mothers to be so valuable!”

“I took away a reminder that I have a lot of creativity within me that is not being nurtured. This is a part of myself that has fallen by the wayside with everything else going on in my life. I think taking note of what I enjoy doing and seeing how it can fit into my day or not fit into my day is really helpful to reflect upon. It is also a good reminder how important self-care is in order to have the other areas in my life work. In general, looking within at my values, my day, my feelings was really nice.”