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category: pregnancy

Writing Motherhood

October 09, 2014

I became a mother four years ago on September 21, 2010. I shared more about what I was seeking as a new mom last week, but wanted to post on writing and motherhood since I’m leading a Writing Motherhood mini retreat this Saturday. In preparation for the retreat, I’m fully grasping the significance of this work as my service to mothers. Writing […]

Anniversaries Honor the Written Journey

February 06, 2014

A year ago today we left New Jersey for Ojai. We had a layover in Las Vegas (not recommended when traveling with a toddler who can’t stay away from slot machines). My son was chased by the gaming officials, knowing I couldn’t run after him at 31 weeks pregnant. Life was full of adventure and possibility after […]

Feeling Scared and Called

February 04, 2014

I am re-purposing today. I wrote the passage below 4 months ago: (9/25/13), just before leaving New Jersey and my job. I write to remember where I am and make sense of it all. It helps me recognize where I am in the present moment, reminding me of where I want to go. Writing is […]

Choosing Your Word for 2014

January 23, 2014

The past few years, I have chosen “words of the year.” My practice began in 2011, shortly after giving birth when I chose SIMPLIFY. Then in 2012, with a strong urge to begin living with less – it was UNENCUMBERED (although it could have also been CHANGE). Last year with the help of Susannah Conway’s Unraveling […]

Birthing the Humble Badass

May 31, 2013

Humble Badass. (BTW: I’m totally stealing this from an inspiring friend in transition). What exactly is a humble badass you ask? She is one who moves through transitions gracefully like Jane of the Jungle swinging from vine to vine. She is grounded and steadfast, clear with her vision even when life shakes her up a […]