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category: gratitude

Living as a Lover of Latin and Words

August 19, 2014

We lost the matriarch of our family last month. My grandmother lived to be 102 1/2 (vixit ultra centum!) and it was the first funeral I’ve attended knowing someone’s life was complete. She outlived all of her friends, two husbands, and a few children. I didn’t grieve her death as a loss on earth, but thought of the […]

Anniversaries Honor the Written Journey

February 06, 2014

A year ago today we left New Jersey for Ojai. We had a layover in Las Vegas (not recommended when traveling with a toddler who can’t stay away from slot machines). My son was chased by the gaming officials, knowing I couldn’t run after him at 31 weeks pregnant. Life was full of adventure and possibility after […]

Finding Room to Breathe

August 24, 2013

Finding room to breathe has been my phrase of the summer.  Before my first sip of coffee at dawn, I’m wishing for more room to breathe.  I move through the day on automatic pilot-productivity mode, wishing I was standing barefoot in the grass in mountain pose instead.  It is the part of me which over-commits, under-estimates, […]