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I Thought Motherhood Was…

February 24, 2015

At last month’s Writing Motherhood Retreat we wrote and talked about the mother we thought we’d be and where those expectations came from. It was an incredibly sacred 3 hours for us mamas, and I felt like hearing each woman’s stories brought collective healing to our roles as mothers. One of the prompts we worked with was […]

Writing Motherhood

October 09, 2014

I became a mother four years ago on September 21, 2010. I shared more about what I was seeking as a new mom last week, but wanted to post on writing and motherhood since I’m leading a Writing Motherhood mini retreat this Saturday. In preparation for the retreat, I’m fully grasping the significance of this work as my service to mothers. Writing […]

My Writing Process and 3 Other Writers you want to meet

July 14, 2014

Many thanks to Lillian Duggan of the blog for inviting me to take part in the “My Writing Process” Blog Hop. Lillian is currently writing her first novel and started blogging because she was inspired by the book The Art of Non-Conformity to revise her life and set out after her dreams and goals. Her blog is about the challenges of being a […]