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elle-about“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.” 

~Maya Angelou

I believe we all have a story to share. I believe we own our authenticity when we tell our stories. I believe our stories are the breadcrumbs to our soul’s true purpose.

I believe in embracing change. Transitions call us into the next chapter of life. We discover ourselves on the journey. New stories are written. Old stories fit as awkwardly as ill-fit skinny jeans from those pre-motherhood days.

I believe in letting go versus doing more. Six years ago, I was at a breaking point and a choice point. I was living on automatic-pilot mode: over-scheduled and gradually becoming more disconnected in my work, marriage, and relationships. I was burned out and overburdened with debt. I had lost my joy. I was more invested in a life of doing versus being.

I just found out I carried the breast cancer gene and the threat of cancer loomed. I worked with moms and toddlers all day long as a speech-language pathologist, but my deepest desire was to become a mother. I was at a crossroads (or a climax), and so I picked up my pen for the answers. I let go of everything that no longer served me, choosing love over fear. Ultimately, losing my breasts taught me to live intentionally.

I believe in seeking breathing room in order to grow. I retreated. I meandered. I played. I prayed. I worked with an amazing creativity coach, and rediscovered my joy.

I entered a life-coaching program. I took writing workshops. I started a local writing group with the goal of coming together with like-minded souls to write from the heart. I heard the power of my voice, and witnessed the power of others when they showed up on the page and spoke their truths. I wrote through my own healing and spiritual path during my journey with the breast cancer gene. I began my blog {Choose Your Own Journey} in 2009 to voice what was left unspoken. Nearly a year later, I became a mother. I learned to create breathing room for my own creativity in the days pre-motherhood to teach me the art of self care in current full motherhood life today.

I believe in supporting and nourishing others. Writing is a spiritual practice. Motherhood is holy work. My vision is for people to live with no regrets, seek possibilities, and choose from a place of love. As a speech-language pathologist, writer, coach, and retreat leader, I help my clients find their voice and live intentionally.

I believe we connect through stories. Our stories are the universal collective wisdom. Your story has incredible healing gifts. I’m here to support you in communicating it, so it does not stay unspoken any longer. You are the author of your life. Writing your own story will heal you. What will that next chapter be?

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